Thursday, 30 May 2013

3BurlyGirls go to Glastonbudget.

Long Time No Blog!
You may be wondering why the 3burly girls have been so quite recently, well if you have its because we have all been working in the Production area of a local Music Festival (that just so happens to be The Worlds Biggest Tribute and New Acts Festival). 

No Place Like Home
As the last of the 3Burly Girls to get out of the mud and leave the festival a very long 4 days after the festival officially finished I am fully ready to trade in my  muddy magnums for sparkling stilettos once again (or maybe just some fluffy slippers).

Home away from Home
As the Accreditation manager at the festival I have the lovely task of being at on the field before, during and after the actual event, but during this time I have  learned that if you want something... it never hurts to ask!  So Trixie, Vesper and I put this into action over the weekend and have opened up a fair amount of exciting opportunities that may come to light in the next month or so.

But for now, it’s a warm shower to wash the mud away and preparation for our first official photo-shoot as the 3Burly girls in a couple of weeks.

And to round off this post here is a couple of photos of  The3BurlyGirls and some festival friends courtesy of  Fletch Photography.

And a burlesque quote for anyone who ever had a  job that took a long time to do.
" Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly." Gypsy Rose Lee

Love and Muddy Hugs
Miss Ruby Woo

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