Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ruby Woo’s Doodle and a List

You may have noticed that we aren’t very good at keeping up the blogging here at 3burly girls, so I thought id take the chance while I’m at home for a week to find some content, so here is a little doodle of myself and my 3 dogs :)


My list of

Things I wish I knew when I started Burlesque:

There are many things  I have learnt since  I started burlesque but here is a few things  I think most of us wish someone had told us at the start.

Wear Shoes you can dance in:

When a lot of newbie think of burlesque for some reason we think we must wear Sky High Glittery Shoes, If someone had said I could wear low heels or even dance shoes I would have laughed them out the room but guess what girls and guys? It’s True!

Research, research, research!

Its sad but True that if you think of an idea it has probably been done before, this doesn’t mean you should never do it, but you should always search and check your idea is different enough from any others that have been done. Unfortunately in this Business imitation is not the greatest form of flattery.

Carry a notebook/ Sketchbook

You never know when you will get an idea for an act, you may here a song or see an advert, I have sat sketching many a costume idea between classes at Uni I have even started to choreograph routines (in text form) on my bus journeys. Note it when it hits you or you will kick yourself when you cant remember it!

Glitter WILL Get Everywhere!

I don’t just mean on he stage or on your costumes it will be everywhere even after you shower. This point seems really obvious so I will give a few little tips with it;
1) Do Not Exfoliate after getting covered in glitter, it only makes it worse. 
2) if you have glitter on something you really don’t want it on use sticky tape or a sticky lint roller to remove it. 
3) if you are doing a glitter pour lean back and don’t inhale it nothing is pretty about coughing glitter and 
4) even if you don’t inhale it, sometimes you will sneeze glitter, it just happens.

Always be prepared

In general it’s a good idea to carry a kit with scissors, tape, glue (super and eyelash)  safety pins, a sewing needle and thread

If tape doesn’t work just use UHU!

Ah UHU a Gift from Burly Heaven! I honestly believe that there is nothing this glue can not help you with. Now for me it was very hard to find a tape to stick my Pasties or Tassels on with due to an allergy so to start with I settled for standard stationary double sided sticky tape, But this is not good when you are under hot lights or you are likely to get wet I have had a few occasions when I have lost a Pastie and it is not fun!

But then (nearly 2 years in) someone suggested I used UHU *GASP THAT’S SUPER GLUE* yes, yes it is and Boy it works and then it will just peel off like PVA did when you were in school.

Haters Gonna Hate

Its another one that’s sad but true, not everyone in the Burlesque world is Lovely and full of Sparkles, but the thing to remember its to fill your world with the beautiful lovely talented people you meet and don’t let the others pull you down.

But the latest thing someone told me that I think is important to know from the start is ‘ Find out who you are, and OWN it’ there is nothing wrong with being ‘The CheeseCake One’ or ‘The Dark One’ or ‘The Funny One’ as long as you Embrace it and rule the stage.

Love and Puppy kisses
Miss Ruby Woo

 "When sexuality, style, humor and playfulness all come together, along with a bit of innocence, well, that’s when a burlesque show becomes great." Dita Von Teese

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