Friday, 10 May 2013

First Time for Everything

First blog from 3 Burly Girls don't you just feel excited?  
So the best way to get going is to tell you a little a bit about us, not to much though it's all in the art of the tease. As the name gives it away there are three of us Miss Ruby Woo, Trixie R Royale and me Vesper La Rouge. We have set up 3 Burly Girls to bring a little glamour, cheekiness and a whole lot of boobs to Leicester's burlesque scene. Along with putting on shows with a variety of acts and whole lot of glitter not just from the burlesque side of things.

So when did it begin you ask? 
Well Miss Ruby Woo and Trixie R Royale were in the pub when a brain wave hit them like glitter sticks to boobs. They decided to put on a charity burlesque night. So off they went in their high heels and corsets and did it. Now two shows later and £500 already gone to charity here we are - Shake your Tail Feather at The Friary is up and running. 
Then.....after being back stage for the two shows and shaking my stuff on stage, I was asked to join the dynamic duo so after a pizza and chocolate meeting, bit of re branding we became the triple threat.

So this is us a little sneak peak at the 3 Burly Girls, there is a whole lot more that to say and a whole lot more to come. But I just wanted to give you a little Boston style to get you excited.

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We will leave you with  a little advice for the day 'if you fall of the stage, leg extended boobs out'.

Love you all

Vesper xxx

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